You're Worth

the Wait

A Young Ladies Guide to Godly Dating

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You're Worth

the Wait


by Kimberly G. Bosket


Soft Cover,  143 pages,

5 1/2" x 8 ", Perfect Bound



This book is a MUST READ for YOUNG LADIES!

In a world that is so full of perversion, this book ahs been designed to expose the enemy, and enable young ladies to discover their true self-work, and not to base their value on society's standard of them. We, as young ladies, come in all different shapes, colors,  and sizes, but the only way to discover our true identity is through the eyes of our Creator.

If you are looking for a book to help a young lady who may be dealing with issues such as low self-image, depression, pre-marital sex, anger, or suicidal thoughts, you will find help in this book. I am convinced that this book will help youth leaders equip their your to choose healthier dating relationships and may even help young men to appreciate the value of young women as the priceless, true jewels that they are.

This book is not just for virgins; even those who have fallen into the trap of sexual immorality, will find help in this book It will help you let go of your past and know that it is not too late to wait.

This book can be used as a study guide.

It is filled with over 50 "You're Worth the Wait" questions.

It includes 20 true and false statements.

The book includes a complete journal section in the back for reflecting on personal growth and ideas.


About the author

Kimberly G. Bosket


Evangelist Kimberly G. Bosket gave her life to the Lord in her early teens. Raised by her grandparents, Joe and Geneva Smith (now deceased), in a small town called Wauchula, FL, she started preaching at the age of 16. She is a singer and songwriter. Her passion in life has always been the youth and she has a special anointing to minister to the young ladies. Kimberly believes in equipping them with the tools necessary to overcome the pitfalls of the devil. She is the wife of elder Brian Bosket and is also a mother. Together they served as youth pastors from 1999-2005. under the leadership of Dr. Darnell and Pastor Elaine Mack. Bosket made a vow at an early age that she would wait until marriage before have sex, and by the grace of God, she kept that vow.


Kimberly Bosket graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Social Work and plans to open a mentoring center for youth. Evangelist Bosket believes that God has commanded her to live a life of consecration unto the Lord and she is truly convinced that she only has one mission in life--to fulfill the purpose for which she was created by bringing honor and glory to God.

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