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Bride's Do-it-Yourself

Wedding Planner:

Vendors & Suppliers

Written and Illustrated

by Kas Winters

Includes: locating vendors & suppliers, checking them out, what to look for, questions to ask, written contracts, documenting decisions, methods of payment, how to avoid rip-offs and scams and more

Soft cover,16 pages, 81/2" x 11",

saddle stitched

Usually shipped within 24 hours

Note: This entire book in included in the "Your Wedding, Your Way, Wedding Planning System".



Your Wedding, Your Way Planning Book

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With Your Wedding, Your Way, a planning book by Kas Winters, your wedding planning is almost as easy as filling in the blanks.

The VENDOR'S Book is included in "Your Wedding, Your Way."


Find the Professionals.

Avoid the Wedding Scams!

Weddings are BIG business with lots of emotional strings attached. That, unfortunately makes them an easy target for a few, less-than-honest vendors and suppliers. Having worked with many wedding professionals, I can tell you that most of them are awesome, honest people who work hard to please the couples with whom they work. This book will help you to find these wonderful wedding people and avoid those who can make your dream wedding a nightmare to remember.

Of all the wedding material I have collected and written, this is the stuff I consider the most important. It's valuable information from looking out for wedding hassles to pages of vendor records of communication and documentation to interesting possibilities like wedding insurance. Get things in writing. Ask the questions. Check out the answers. Don't let your emotions guide you through the planning process. If you are working with one of the few scam artists, that is what he or she is counting on to win you over. Think smart. This may be a wedding to you but it's big business to the vendors.

Pay Attention to the Obvious

Does the vendor return your calls promptly?

Is the person that is making the arrangements for your wedding the same person who will be there on your wedding day? If not, you need to meet the person who will be working directly with you on your wedding day.

Is the photographer who is scheduled to take your pictures the same one who took the sample photos you were shown? This isn't always the case. Be sure to check it out. Don't pay for photos until you have them in your hands.

Will your wedding cake be made in advance and frozen? Will it be made from scratch or from a mix?

If you requested information, was it sent promptly? Did it look professional? Was it the correct information?

From the author


Kas Winters

When friends ask why I chose to write a wedding planner, my response is simply that someone should learn from my mistakes! As a graphic artist, executive director and church administrator, I have been involved in event planning for over 30 years. That includes everything from the Arizona State Fair to conferences to business meetings to church gatherings to children's events to family parties, and, of course, weddings.

In addition to planning and organizing events, I've designed special wedding invitations, designed custom wedding jewelry, baked and decorated wedding cakes, done flower arranging, performed in musical groups, taken photos professionally and contracted with professional photographers, worked with videographers to produce presentations, sewn and designed formalwear, decorated for all types of events and even worked for a caterer! Somehow wedding planning seemed a "natural" direction to go.

For Wedding Vendors:

Use credit cards for deposits and final payments and don't make a final payment if service was not delivered properly or is incomplete.

(NOTE: To get a refund on a credit card charge, your request must usually be received within 60 days of purchase.)

For deposits made well in advance of the wedding day, be sure you have contracts with everything in writing, should you want a refund.

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