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True Tails


by J. H. Soeder


Soft Cover,  293 pages,

5" x 8", Perfect bound


ISBN: 978-0-9719617-7-7


Book Only



Book with Case

BOOK arrives enclosed in a custom case with an enlarged picture of the whale on the front. When the case is opened, you can hear the whale's song.


Case: 9.25" x 12.25" x 1.5"




"I couldn't put the book down once I started. I became spellbound."  


"Wonderful stories with a real message and lessons for all ages. Honest, open and heartfelt, with moments of happiness and tears."  


    "Some people speak to animals, very few people, though, hear animals speak back to them.

    "Jon Soeder is one of the very few.

    "True Tails is a delightful book--very intimate, filled with adventures told by a man who never stopped looking at the world through the innocent eyes of a child, and who has a special connection with animals.

    "As unique as Jon's gift is, most animal lovers may have felt a similar 'connection' with animals. We all remember unique stories and lessons those animals taught us.

    "Maximilian the bird, Goldie the orange tabby, and Jack the courageous Crow, have left powerful memories that Jon shares with all of us.

    "Whilst reading True Tails I found myself smiling and remembering my own stories, the animals with whom I shared my own adventures.

    "Jon brought back some of my best memories, and for this I thank him.

   "True Tails is a book every animal lover will enjoy. I would especially recommend it to two very different sectors of the public.

   " a) Older children and young adults: The book is emphatically didactic and quite a few chapters are written from a child's perspective.

   " b) Animal activists: True Tales is a welcome respite from cruelty and horrors we face on a daily basis.

   "I have just passed the book on to my cats. Judging by how fast Dr. Doom is turning those pages and how intently the other ones are listening, I can see Jon's voice is present in this home today."

Victor Larkin,

 Let's Adopt Animal Organization International.


Did all the animals talk in Eden–

or was it just us?


TRUE TAILS  is not just a collection of anecdotal stories about the animals that surround us. It's the true story about the life of a young boy who, at the age of two, discovers that he can hear animals speak, and how those conversations affect and mold his life.

    Through these stories Jon tells, you'll discover some secrets about animals and incredibly funny moments of the world that surrounds us all. Lessons about life that are waiting to be learned. Lessons for all ages and all walks of life.


    People often ask me why I wrote this book and why I am donating half of the profits from the sale of this book to animal rights and animal organizations.

   When I left the missionary life, I had not really watched much, if little, television. Back in late March of last year, I had been 'channel surfing' and came up on a series called "Whale Wars." It was a reality television documentary of a small group of whale activists battling Japanese from killing whales.

    What I saw only one hour--the insanity of the Japanese Whaling vessel, plus the fact that these huge creatures are being hunted for 'a delicacy'--made me sick to my stomach. The truth is that not even the meat is needed for man's survival or that some portion of the meal cures anything. Instead, some arguments are that people will lose their jobs in a small whaling village or that these people don't know any other vocation, or somebody just wants sushi. Another argument is that killing whales is part of an 'ethnic tradition' of a national culture.

   It was gross and truthfully a justification.

   At that moment, while watching this program, I felt I had to do something about the senselessness and insanity. I had to say something. These creatures were friends. They were and are aware. Their species is over 65 million years old. We are just beginning to understand them. We have fished and killed them and yet, scientists are  beginning to see that whales communicate, save humans at times and travel great distances around the globe with a purpose. Because man has not figured out how to communicate with them, some of us treat them like meat on a table. Whales are not like cattle, where we grow them and replenish. It's not even like we really need their meat as a species.

About the author

J. H. Soeder


From the age of two, Jon didn't think having intelligent conversations with his pets and the many wild animals he encountered was anything unusual - until years later when he would relate his true stories to friends and family. "You should write a book!" was always the response . . . and so, he did!

    True Tails related Jon's experiences with creatures big and small, from the tiniest of insects to the largest creatures living on the earth today, the majestic whales. not a "whisperer," but simply a friend of those who inhabit the animal kingdom, Jon shares his personal stories in the hope of raising public awareness that humans aren't the only life forms on our planet capable of expressing thoughts and feelings, and they  deserve our admiration and protection. Thus, one half of the net proceeds from each copy of True Tails sold will go to animal rights organizations.

    Jon is a graduate with honors with two degrees from the University of Miami. Among Jon's accomplishments is his participation in a ninety-five-hundred-mile Bicentennial relay run through the continental United State and years of missionary work. He currently resides in Venture, California with his wife and family, pursuing his art and writing.


I have had very personal experiences with whales and other creatures. I felt that writing a book, telling what I had personally experienced,  would be a way of raising public awareness. I had to step over the line, come out from my comfortable life and say something. Not just anything, but the truth I always knew and never spoke about.

    All of the experiences existed. To help prove the point I shared intimate moments of my life. But is wasn't just the happy moments. Having others there in those personal moments and experiencing what I was hearing and seeing, putting it down in my book, was a way that would make the book more real for everyone.

    So the purpose and reason I wrote this book is for my friends, all creatures great and small.  As a writer, I feel they have contributed to my story in a very big way. So I decided that half of the profits from the sales of the book would go to animal rights and animal protection. It's how I can help them my  friends.



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