Thus Speaks My Heart


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Thus Speaks

My Heart



Madelyn N. Barber


Soft Cover,  58 pages,

5 1/2" x 8 ½", Perfect Bound


ISBN 10: 1-892225-16-6

ISBN 13: 978-1-892225-16-0




Thus Speaks

My Heart


Thus Speaks My Heart is a collection of 38 poem of  poems written from the heart, and overflowing with emotions of a lifetime of love, joy, loss, sorrow and the peace and love of the Lord.

The author is one of those for whom words must get from her thoughts to paper, and once there, they speak to everyone in some manner. She writes about everyday things, about the highs and lows, but always with hope and love. You will identify with the words and feel that you have made a new friend who understands your very own heart.

Madelyn's personal love of God is reflected in her poetic words. Let them lift you up.

Sample Poem


Seasons come

and seasons go

Some bringing pleasure, others woe.

I now look forward to early spring

In anticipation of

what it will bring.


The brown lawns begin to turn green

Improving greatly the

pre-garden scene.

Here and there a violet

does peek

This is going to be a great week!


The air is quite fresh but I won’t freeze.

At times I can feel a most gentle breeze.

There is a yellow sun up high in the sky.

Did I hear the fluttering of wings go by?


I hear a robin calling to his mate,

“Spring is near - please don’t be late!”

A nest they will build in that tall tree

Soon she will lay eggs - maybe two or three.


The tree’s green leaves will hide the nest

To conceal hatched babies as they rest.

What a beautiful lovely time of year.

Spring is a season I always hold dear.

About the author

Madelyn N. Barber

(nee Robinson)

Madelyn Norma Barber was born on September 16, 1926 on a houseboat on the Fraser River and raised on a farm on Lulu Island, B.C., Canada. She has one son, Thomas Patrick Barber who lives in Glendale, Arizona; and one married granddaughter, Olivia Lyn Motton who lives near Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Professionally she has worked in plywood mills, retail stores and designed and made jewelry sets. In Arizona, she worked at the Auto License Bureau (for 2 years), at the Juvenile Detention Home (for 10 years) and taught Special Education Classes (for 3 years). Upon returning to B. C., she taught Special Education Classes (for 3 years), Grade 1 (for 12 years, and retired from teaching in 1987.

She has written poetry all her life. While living in Arizona she met and married a talented musician, Russell “Lefty” Barber.

Starting at Arizona State University on her 37th birthday, she earned 2 BA’s and 2 MA’s  (all in Education). She returned to B.C. after Lefty’s death in 1971. Spends her time working on the Family Genealogy and continuing to write poetry - that has been published in magazines, on the Internet and in newspapers.



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