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Written by Martin Garaway

Paperback, 275 pages,

5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

ISBN # 0-9638851-7-7

Usually shipped within 72 hours



"He wondered if the pots he had discovered were still in the cave. So many years had gone by. All night his mind seethed with ideas of retrieving and selling them to the Royal Arab Emirate. By morning he was exhausted, but felt confident he could pull it off. Still, a niggling doubt kept creeping into his plans. It would be disastrous if it didn't work. It would become an international fiasco, resulting in humiliation and criminal charges."

Hang on to your seat! This book will take you to unexpected places...and keep you there until the very last page!

A Contemporary Suspense Story

Bob Locke, a long time teacher on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, is shocked when he learns his retirement annuity has been wiped out. Traumatized by the loss, he steals two rare ancient Anasazi pots which he sells to a diplomat of Mid-Eastern Emirate.

The inconceivable act catapults him into a web of unforeseen intrigue. Stealing the pots, eluding road blocks, tribal police and Arizona State Troopers, was formidable enough, but what follows turns perilous when he attempts to collect his money. An unassuming, warm-hearted educator turned into an embittered schemer, finds himself embroiled with terrorists, the Mossad, CIA, FBI, and an aspiring actress.

A note from Kas:

I read this book one day while riding from Phoenix to Tucson and back again. Upon returning home, I still had some to read and our family dinner was delayed by an hour until I finished reading it. I'm not sure what the rest of the family thought, but for me it was worth the wait!!   Kas

Please Note: This Web site features family content, so please note that this book is not appropriate for children and has some adult content. We recognize that grow-ups are part of the family too and should have interesting things to read.

Something for the


So  many of our books are for children and families. Here is one for the adults to pick-up and not put down until the very end. ENJOY!

About the Author

martin.JPG (46347 bytes)

Martin Garaway

Martin Garaway is a native of Brooklyn, New York. He attended New Utrecht High School, received a BA from the University of California, Northridge and a Masters Degree from Northern Arizona University. Martin lived and taught 17 years on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. His short stories, poetry and articles have appeared in The Navajo Journal of Education, Northern Flights and other literary magazines. He retired to Tucson, Arizona.

What They are Saying . . .

"...a gripping, fast-moving tale, with unexpected twists and turns...a suspense novel of intrigue and international entanglements that culminates in a surprising conclusion."    Laura Bursuk, Ph.D. Educational Psychology

"The Theft of The Anasazi Pots" is an exciting, well-plotted thriller with an exceptionally sympathetic protagonist. Tony Hillerman fans will appreciate the Northern Arizona setting and authentic Native American details.."  Kathryn Lance, Creative Writing Instructor at Extended University at University of Arizona and author of 50 books

"A compelling tale that touches all bases. . . conspiracy, intrigue, foreign involvement, romance and innovative solutions. All in all, a good read.  Louis Mucciolo, writer for Senior World, Tucson

"Martin Garaway's cliff-hanging new novel gives interesting insights about the Navajos and America's earliest inhabitants, the Anasazi. A good read."   Susy Smith, former editor and author of 31 books

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