Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program


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Sure-Fire Weight Reduction & Longevity Program


By Shmarye Primack

Certified Nutritional Counselor


165 page MANUAL

8.5" x 11", perfect bound





Suggested Retail Price $27.45




What they are saying about Sure Fire Weight Reduction & Longevity Program:

Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program is a comprehensive and effective program that can help everyone to lose the weight they need to lose, keep it off and live a longer and healthier life. The methods recommended are the same as we teach our weight loss patients in our clinic.

I highly recommend
Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program as the ultimate manual on the subject of weight loss and longevity.”

Yours truly,
Dr. Earnest C. Didde-Esteban, Ph.D., OMD, DCH, L.Ac.
Dr. Pamela Rae Davis, Ph.D., OMD, DCH, L.Ac

“As a nutritionist, I have referred to information, such as that espoused in
Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program quite often. In addition, I adhere to many of the practices mentioned in this book in my own life.

Combining a philosophy for healthy living spiritually, emotionally, and physically, certainly can prove fruitful for anyone wanting to be morally strong and extraordinarily fulfilled.”

Arlene Maletta, B.A., B.S., M.S., Ph.D.


The information in this manual is for educational purposes only and is not recommended as a means of diagnosis, treatment of any illness, cure or prevention of any disease. It is always recommended that a person check with a physician or healthcare professional prior to beginning any diet or exercise regimen.

Choose Life!

We teach ways to achieve physical and mental health

which can result in an active lifestyle, improved self-esteem and longevity.

You want to feel good, look your best and have energy to spare, but where do you begin? If you are confused about all the weight-loss options, you are not alone. One recent statistic claims that 64% of adults in the US are overweight and the number of obese children is on the rise.

Are you looking for good health without guilt, frustration and having to dedicate every waking moment to diet, exercise and more? You want a solution, not a cookbook. You need something that will get results for you, for your body.

Do any of these sound familiar?

I'm tired of feeling tired all the time. Where, oh where, did my energy go? And how do I get it back? I just want to feel like me again.

Diet is definitely a four-letter-word. I've tried them all and they just don't work. If they do work for a while, I end up gaining it all back and a little more for "good measure".

I want to be able to look in a mirror and like what I see. It's so hard to feel good about myself when I hate the way I look. I don't need to be a model, but feeling like an elephant doesn't work either.

With my schedule, I can't find time to exercise or spend time buying special menu items and preparing them. My life is busy. Id there something that can I do simply?

My doctor has warned me that I'm at risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke. That's scary, but I don't know what to do to change it. I need to know how to get healthy again. I want to know what options I have to heal.

Are you one of the seniors who has decided that there is no connection between getting older and "golden years"? Is enjoying them tougher than you ever imagined it might be? Do you yearn for good health and energy?

Every program I find is expensive. Whether it is for special foods, meeting fees, membership at a gym, or fees for a trainer; it doesn't fit in my budget.

The answers to many of these questions can be found by getting a better education about nutrition. Once you know how to make choices about foods, you are in control. You can try different things and see what works best for your body. Learn what you crave. Learn what makes you feel full. Learn which foods trigger your binge response. Learn which foods provide energy and which ones zap it. You can work out a system that gets results and is customized to work for your body.

Looking and feeling better is about making choices. It's about visualizing results and finding ways to keep yourself motivated through a series of small successes. Once you can see progress, it is easier to keep moving forward to a healthy goal.

There are many different exercise possibilities. Choose one or several that make you feel good and work with your lifestyle and your schedule. Experiment and find out what type and frequency of exercise fills your need. If you enjoy what you are doing, it will be easier to stick with your program and achieve your goals.

There are foods and supplements that have been shown to improve overall health. Learn what they are and whether or not they make to a difference to you. Introduce things gradually and monitor your response.

Good nutritional choices can make aging a more pleasant experience. There is a chance you've spent years creating health problems and they don't usually disappear overnight. You can choose to work on improving one thing at a time. Go slowly and enjoy each step forward. 

Sure-Fire Weight Reduction and Longevity Program is affordable. It is a one-time expense that provides an education on the many facets of weight-loss and healthy living. Find facts, possibilities and motivation all in one place. Skip buying the pages of recipes for things you probably don't have time to cook or aren't interested in eating anyway. This manual gives you the tools you need to create a personal program. It teaches you how to coach yourself to success by taking things a step at a time. This is what you've been looking for--a solution for life!

Solutions for Life

Discover steps that can can help to make behavioral changes that can result in a healthier life.

Learn about food. Find the benefits of various types of food and the ways they can work to help you lose weight and feel good too.

Find out how to shop for food, how to read and understand labels and how best to prepare foods for healthy results.

Get helpful information on eating out, fast food choices and the best ethnic foods to enhance weight loss.

Look at ways to get your body moving. Find some that fit your needs. Even just something simple on a regular basis can make a positive difference.

Open the door to information about vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs and other nutrients. You may find things that make a difference in your health, weight and energy.

Keep your heart healthy. Learn about nutrients that contribute to preventing or dealing with heart disease.

Prevent or fight cancer with nutrients and more.

Grow old well by taking advantage of some anti-aging tips.

Create a beautiful life by learning some ways to manage stress and manage your personal situations.

Read uplifting quotes to help keep yourself on a positive track.

Take stock of where you are today by finding yourself on the BMI (Body Mass Index) Chart. Get a good idea of where you want to go with improving your health.


Life Coaching with self-help techniques to make it work for you.


Sure-Fire Weight Reduction & Longevity Program manual TODAY by clicking on the BUY NOW button in the right-hand column.



Choose to enhance your Life.

Choose Life!

We teach ways to achieve physical and mental health

which can result in an active lifestyle, improved self-esteem and longevity.


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