The Rooster's Feather

A Chicken's "Tale" for Children

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The Rooster's Feather

A Chicken "Tale"  for Children


Illustrated by

Annie A. Petersen


Story by

J. R. Kibby, Ph.D.


9" x 12" - A delightful oversize book!

40 pages 

Beautifully illustrated in full color.





Annie A. Petersen


Wildlife artist, poet, and performer, Annie's love of chickens bloomed with her lively participation in the comedy magic show designed by her magician husband, Johnny Moon in the early 80's: "The Chicken Magician and His Side Chick." "We used a dozen live chickens in out act but never ate any of them," Annie laughs. "I got interested in their funny ways and have painted these sweet, nutty birds for over 30 years."


Annie and John live in the high desert off the banks of the legendary Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. She and her husband perform a magical library reading show from a giant reproduction of this book, throughout the Southwest.

Author J.R. Kibby


J.R. Kibby stumbled upon the story upon which The Rooster’s Feather is based while doing fieldwork for her Ph.D. in northern Morocco. Of all the stories she collected, this one seemed to hold the most universal appeal, transcending geographical, cultural and religious borders. Many years have passed since she first heard the tale, but she has always wanted to share the rooster’s learning experience with a wider audience than academia afforded.


Ms. Kibby currently resides in the California High Desert and is the business and religion editor for the Daily Press in Victorville. She lives with her husband, Eddy, and assorted cats, dogs and wildlife on their 2 1/2 acres.


Get into the act and join Johnny with his comedy magic. 

It’s Eggstrordinary

For Libraries and schools with

Master Magician, Johnny Moon and illustrator/writer, Annie A. Petersen


Be part of the book!

Act out a story!

Use your imagination!

See magic happen!

The Roosters' Feather

Based on a previously unpublished Moroccan folk tale, the writer recorded while doing fieldwork for her Ph.D., here is a classic story of a quest  undertaken to right a wrong deed. It's short, sweet and to the point; and it's supported by powerful watercolor illustrations.

We are pleased to introduce you to a work of love, created over a period of years by two sisters, a journalist  and a poet/artist/performer.

PERFORMANCE TESTED MATERIAL:  The Rooster’s Feather has already found approval with live audiences comprised of children and adults alike.


The Rooster's Feather

Magical Reading Show





It’s highly animated, interactive, and motivational.

You will want to read along with Annie.  People love the poem, the story and all its charming characters.  Never before has a written and illustrated work of art been produced in this giant size and performed so vividly.  And the story is introduced and integrated into a top hour presentation using Master Magician, Johnny Moon’s magic and comedy.  Johnny and Annie join their talents to make the rooster come alive and end with a wonderful illusion that is a fitting close to a unique and inspiring show.

This is a hilarious, fast paced, interactive show that suggests at every turn that the real secret is not tricks but the wealth of information you get from reading.  From the beginning of the show, Johnny  asks, “how can I do these things? --- Reading!  It all comes from books.” 


It’s no illusion that reading creates imagination.

Annie reads her big book

“The Rooster’s Feather”

At the end of the show, John and Annie perform the amazing appearance of a live chicken, a fitting end to a magical reading show.

They will all want to sit down with a book.

This Rooster's Tail is also a tale of two sisters.

Annie & Julie


Annie's sister, Julie (JR Kibby) sent her the initial draft of this beloved story several years ago.  Annie sent back a few small rudimentary sketches.  Julie's prose became inspired and then blossomed into poetry.  Annie's sketches grew in size, turned into small acrylic paintings and then morphed into 18" X 24" fine art watercolors.  The process of design and coloration, especially formulated for this project, took four years, during which time Julie was extraordinarily patient. 


As Annie has said, "Julie knew the subject matter was right up my alley.  For years I’d been known as Chicken Lady, not only because I’ve been afraid to expose my art to the world but because I’d been involved in several art projects that had something to do with chickens."  The most lively of these projects was the production of and participation in a family magic show that Annie's husband, comedy-magician Johnny Moon, developed in the early 80's.  They were known as John & Annie Feathers, the Chicken Magician and his Side Chick.  Yes, it was funny and they had a great time performing with chickens all over Southern California.  "We used lots of live chickens in our act, and we never ate one of them," Annie laughs.  "I got interested in their funny ways and have drawn and painted these sweet and nutty birds for over 25 years now."

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