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Once in a Dream

A Collection of Poetry


by Judith Anne Mortimer


Soft Cover,  48 pages,

5 1/2" x 8 Ĺ", Perfect Bound



These poems will lift your spirit and fill you with praise for the Lord!

Once in a Dream, a Collection of Poetry, By Judith Anne Mortimer, consists of 42 poems written from the heart, inspired by the love of God. It begins with the moving poem, Once In a Dream!, based on an actual dream of the author. The wonderful poem Who I Am, says it all. I Asked and I was Seeking was written for those who are seeking Godís blessing. Unspoken Defense, one of the most moving poems of this collection, was dedicated to the authorís mother who passed away from the ravages of Alzheimerís. Me is beautiful, and something with which we can all identify. The Light, amazingly, (even to the author) when written, took the shape of a light bulb! For those who feel lost, Then Comes a Friend, comforts and holds them fast.

My goal is to write poetry, from the heart, and with feeling; making it some of the most refreshing, beautiful, and inspirational work you will experience. I hope you enjoy being uplifted by the words as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Judith Anne Mortimer


Also by Judith Anne Mortimer


For Middle Readers


Lucy Ann Pickle

by Judith Anne Mortimer

Sixth Grade adventures

USD $12.00

About the author

Judith Anne Mortimer


Judith Anne Mortimer lived in Fountain Hills, Arizona with her husband, George. They have five children and thirteen grandchildren. She attended Western Illinois University, majored in Journalism and later worked for the Chicago Daily News. Through the years, while raising a family, she started a small in-home business, Treasured Tributes, in her spare time, writing tributes for friends, clients and businesses. Though her first love is writing poetry, books and short stories, she also loves decorating and art.  

Sample Poem

A Rich Man

Not just talk, but words well chosen,

Not idle promises,

but vows unbroken.

Not what he said,

but did not say.

Not what he keeps,

but gives away.


Not who he knows,

or pretends to know.

Not a proud man,

but a humble soul.

Not in a hurry,

but he keeps pace.

Not a frivolous bone,

but an earnest face.


Not man of the year,

but a friend in all seasons.

Not clever or cunning,

but a mind of sound reason.

Not things and possessions,

but a heart of gold.

Not much money, but wealth untold.


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