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Written and illustrated by

Arlene E. Turk

This is a book for all ages, but is especially recommended for young readers age 7 through 14. Many adults  love the story too.

Soft Cover, 53 pages, 5 1/2" x 8 1/2", Saddle Stitched

Usually shipped within 48 hours


Greeting Cards by Arlene Turk


Share Mariah with your Child or Grandchild.

Mariah is a compelling true story about an orphaned filly, written through the eyes of the filly herself.

mariahmom.jpg (101657 bytes)

Even though Mariah never received the important first milk all young animals require to live, she thrived with the nurturing given to her by her adopted family.

This story reveals the difficulty Mariah suffers from being rejected by the other horses and ranch animals and how she developed into a healthy, energetic young filly.

You'll enjoy reading about all the  adventures Mariah has on the ranch, as well as being introduced to  many amazing new experiences in the life of an orphaned foal.

 mariahicecream.jpg (86386 bytes)

Ride a Pretend Horse

Whether it's a stick horse, a rocking horse or a horsy-back ride, most children seem to love horses. Help them to pretend.


About the Author

mariaharlene.jpg (225087 bytes)

Arlene E. Turk

   Arlene E. Turk was born on January 9, 1938, in Renton, Washington. She is the daughter of a brick layer and a homemaker.

   Her extraordinary love for horses drove her to work odd jobs, enabling her to save up enough money to buy her first horse, Sheiba, at the age of 13.

   In 1967 she married her husband, Henry, a Montana native, and they moved back to Montana. Together they raised 6 children and have 10 grandchildren.

   After living with and loving animals her entire life and driving a school bus in the harsh conditions of Central Montana, she realized that she should write a book for all of the children.

This book is about the wonderful experiences of raising an orphaned foal, a gift from Mother Nature.

   This charming book will be enjoyed by all ages, telling of the many situations that the filly named, Mariah, manages to survive.

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