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Navajo Stories for Children



The Old Hogan

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

A book about the changing culture of Native Americans

 32 pages

USD $10.00

Temporarily out of print


Ashkii and His Grandfather

Ashkii y e Abuelo

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

32 pages

USD $10.00

Book Written by a Student


Of Hopes and Dreams . . .

A Diary

by Courtney Williams

134 pages

USD $11.95


Published by

Margaret Garaway

Animal Stories for Children



The Teddy Bear Number Book

Los Numeros Con Los Lositos

Bi-Lingual Counting Book

28 pages

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

USD $8.00

Teach children both understanding and compassion.

The Adventures of Five Brave Teddy Bears

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

Illustrated by Kas Winters

USD $10.00



Meet Peanut the Predictable Pooch

by Margaret Kahn Garaway

20 pages

USD $10.95


The Theft of the Anasazi Pots

by Martin Garaway

275 pages

USD $12.50


Margaret Kahn Garaway


Margaret Kahn Garaway


Margaret Kahn Garaway is one of our amazing authors. She is in her 90's and has published new two books in the last few years. Marge keeps fit by walking, doing Tai Chi, and using her exercise bicycle (and she's continually finding supplements that help her stay healthy).


 A grandmother of many and a great grandmother of 25 (at last count) she is devoted to her family and knows all of the names, ages, and birthdays of her progeny.


 Anyone who has an opportunity to listen to Margaret talk about her life will find it hard to figure out how she managed to fill it so fully--even in all those years. She has traveled, published, taken an active part in causes that were important to her, spoken before countless students over the years, and published 8 of her own books, a book penned by her late husband, Marty, and one written by student in a class where she did a presentation.


We think she is one special lady and enjoy visiting her in Tucson whenever we go in that direction. 

Kas Winters


About the Author

Publisher and Author, Margaret Kahn Garaway moved to the Navajo Reservation in 1970, lived there for 17 years , teaching for 13 years upon earning a BS. in education and a Master's degree in E.S.L. at Northern Arizona University. She graduated summa cum laude and is a member of Phi Kappa Phi and Kappa Delta Pi. Immersion in Navajo culture led to the writing of "The Old Hogan," which is considered to be a seminal pieces of writing and is now in its ninth printing. It was followed by two other ethic stories. Retiring to Tucson, Arizona, she started her own published company and began to write bilingual (Spanish/English) books. She did author presentations to students al over Arizona for many years. Marge published one book written by a 13-year-old student she met at one of her presentations and a mystery book, "The Theft of the Anasazi Pots" by her husband, Martin Garaway. 

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