MAGIC BIRDS: Teen & Middle Reader Fantasy

Grace and the Magical Birds

Grace and the Magical Birds: Elvira's Revenge

Grace and the Magical Birds: Beyond Zoon

Grace and the Magical Birds: The Emu

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Volume 1

Grace and the Magical Birds

Three Stories
Written and Illustrated by
Anna Marie Burk
Grace is a pretty, young woman who lives in a land that is surrounded by dark and mysterious woods. Although she wonders what the world is like outside her home, she knows that anyone who has dared to go into the forbidding forest has never returned.
One day, she hears crying in the woods. Her desire to help overpowers her fear and she embarks on a journey that offers friendship, danger and wonder that she could never have imagined.
Come along with Grace on the magical, mystical adventure and meet the beautiful, giant birds of Zoon.


154 pages

7" x 8.5"

Usually shipped within 4 days

Soft Cover




Volume 3

Grace and the Magical Birds

Beyond ZOON

by Anna Marie Burk


132 pages

7" x 8.5"

Usually shipped within 4 days

Soft Cover




Volume 4

Grace and the Magical Birds

The Emu

by Anna Marie Burk


144 pages

7" x 8.5"

Usually shipped within 4 days

Soft Cover




Volume 2

Elvira's Revenge

Written and Illustrated by
Anna Marie Burk

In the first book, Grace and the Magical Birds, Grace helps the Danzer birds of Zoon destroy a beast that is terrorizing the land. They honor her with the title of Royal Lady of Zoon.

Grace and Jeremy, the prince of the kingdom, fall in love. When Jeremy informs his parents he wants to marry Grace, they tell him he was betrothed to Lady Elvira Ellsworth when they were both children. Jeremy vows that he will wed no one but Grace, so the king and queen break the marriage contract with Elvira's family.

It is now two years later, and a resentful Elvira wants to get rid of Grace and reclaim the prince. When an evil wizard offers to teach her black magic, Elvira seizes the opportunity to have her wish come true.

Be careful when your wish comes from a hateful heart.


155 pages

7" x 8.5"

Usually shipped within 4 days

Soft Cover



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About the Author

Anna Marie Burk

What inspired Grace and the Magical Birds and its sequel is Anna Marie's love for emus. She and her husband raised the large, exotic birds on a ranch in New River, Arizona.

Anna Marie's job was hatching and caring for the chicks. "When I thought an egg had been in the incubator long enough, Id hold it close to my face and whistle. If the chick was already starting to hatch, it would whistle back. This 'first contact' with the little baby inside the egg was always a thrill.

"Emus are quite the characters. Every one of them, even as a chick, has a personality all its own. Since we hatched the chicks ourselves, they were used to being with humans. We had friendly birds that visitors didn't mind being around.

"Now that we no longer have the ranch, I really miss the emus. So, even though the stories are about magical birds, youll find an emu in there."



Delight a young teen with a magical story that provides a little romance, a lot of adventure and characters who manage to overcome challenges in spite of the odds against them.

These are modern fairy tales that will capture the imagination of young readers and the approval and appreciation of parents.

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A journey of two orphaned penguins that includes unbelievable adventures in a strange land inhabited by even stranger creatures.


Escape from the Ice

by Anna Marie Burk

USD $10 . 95


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