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Kids at Hope: Every Child Can Succeed, No Exceptions


John P. Carlos


Rick Miller


Forewords by:

Ken Blanchard

Co-Author of the One Minute Manger Book Series


Rosie Grier

Chairman, Impact Urban American and Former NFL Great



Order this book to make a difference in the lives of those children with whom you have the opportunity to interact!


99 Pages,  5 ¾” x 8 ¾

Hardbound with dustcover, 

Shipping weight: 11 oz.


ISBN 0-88314-856-0






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What they are saying about

Kids at Hope...


"Kids at Hope: Every Child Can Succeed., NO EXCEPTIONS offers very powerful messages in such a manner that they are very clearly understood at least by individuals who want to look at issues like this from a very different perspective!" 

Dr. Neil Schmidt,  Superintendent Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District, CA

"Everyone who reads Kids at Hope will win. Students, parents, teachers, coaches, crossing guards, bus drivers--everyone. NO Exceptions!"

Ron Willingham, Founder Integrity Systems, Author The People Principle.

"I want to make Glendale a place where all kids know they can hope and dream...We want to be a Kids at Hope City."

Elaine Scruggs, Mayor, City of Glendale, AZ

"Kids at Hope draws  attention to a child's strengths and potential and provides the proper support and encouragement for future success."

Larry Kosanovich, Chairman of Chicago and Northwest Indiana, Ronald McDonald House Charities

"We are excited about our partnership with Kids at Hope. We truly feel it will make an impact in reaching out to our children and assisting in their social, emotional and intellectual development."

Dr. Perry Hill, Superintendent, Glendale Elementary School District

"The Kids at Hope youth development strategy for the 21st Century is about children, not programs. It is about cultures, not agencies. It is about beliefs, not activities. It is about opportunities, not privileges. It is about people who work with children and the realization that all people can work with an influence children."

Greg O'Brien, President and CEO, Valley of the Sun and Phoenix YMCA

"I enjoyed reading Kids at Hope. The book was filled with common sense logic addressing the positive side of handling our youth. Truly, children can succeed if the culture reinforces them."

Rose Mofford, Former Governor, State of Arizona

"This book contains a profound message and provides the steps necessary to maintain an essential belief system for the your of our nation--every child is capable of success, No EXCEPTIONS!"

Teryl Ann Rosch, Ph.D., Executive Director, Chicago Education Alliance


Become part of children’s success!

This exceptional book will guide you, your community, school, or youth organization in developing a culture that supports the success of every child, NO EXCEPTIONS! It works for parents, educators and other caring adults in the lives of children. Think about it! What  would your community, schools, youth organizations or home look like if every one not only believed that all children are capable of success, but treated them that way? Think about what a difference it makes when people treat you as being capable of succeeding.

By collaborating on this book,  John P. Carlos, senior consulting partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies®, and Rick Miller, founder of Kids at Hope, have combined a proven track record of effectively leading adults to success with an exciting belief system that includes treasure hunting to discover and develop success in children. If you are an adult who cares about children, works with children or is in a position where what you do affects children, put this book at the top of your “must read” list. You will find answers, tools and practical ways to help children succeed in this parable about possibilities...the possibility of success.

Possibilities of Success


In the early 1980's a new phrase was coined in America..."Youth at Risk." It, of course, referred to children raised in poverty pockets, high crime areas, tough neighborhoods or perhaps just from a broken home. Whatever the reference, it had a tremendous impact on schools, communities, and youth agencies; most importantly it has had a devastating impact on our children. All of a sudden there were "GRANTS" available for groups to work with these "at risk" youth. It became an easy catchall phrase to capture all the concerns we had about our youth. We stopped seeing youth as individuals and began a journey toward stereotyping. Whatever the issue, school drop outs, teen age pregnancy, drugs, gangs and aimlessness, we rushed to label our youth and by doing so, we unwittingly stole their potential and hope. Funding was the upside. However, there was a tremendous downside. The downside was the negative assumptions made about kids. If you think a "Kid" is a risk the reality is to treat them as a potential problem. This is called the Pygmalion Effect, the self-fulfilling prophecy and can be negative or positive. It has to do with our beliefs. If we believe kids can win and treat them that way, the chances are greater that they will succeed. If we think kids are at risk and treat them that way, they tend to live up to the expectation.


We always wondered how many parents would send their kids out of the house in the morning wearing a t-shirt that says across the font, "I'm a Kid at Risk, Destined to Fail."


This book is a parable about possibilities...the possibility of success. What would our community, our schools, our youth organizations, our homes look like if we believed that all our children were capable of success and we treated them that way? What happens when we ask each child from pre-school forward to share their special date? And the child responds with the year they plan to graduate from college. Does this mean every kid goes to college? No, it means they have the option and caring adults to help pave the way. It is about our beliefs, our understanding and most importantly our actions to treat children as assets rather than liabilities.


Every parent, teacher, youth worker, policy maker, community leader and law enforcement official should read this book. Why? You're part of the success!!

Kids at Hope:

Every Child Can Succeed, No Exceptions

About the Authors


John P. Carlos

"An amazing storyteller!" His poignant, humorous, powerful, and practical "storytelling" style has been wowing audiences around the world since 1989. Combining his business experience in the private and public sectors, his stories are rich with human condition and powerful with applications.

    John has the ability to draw you in to his stories with humor and common sense. His talent for causing people to examine their own behavior first is a magnificent methodology for affecting changes  in organizations and personal lives. He has a unique ability to make people laugh while they learn.

    John coauthors his first book with Ken Blanchard and Alan Randolph. Empowerment Takes More Than a Minute immediate climbed to #7 on Business Week's best-seller list. It has since gone on to sell over 500,000 copies in less than three years and is translated into 21 languages. John's latest book, Three Keys to Empowerment, was released in spring 1999 and was also co-authored with Ken Blanchard and Alan Randolph.

    Mr. Carlos is a senior consulting partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies, an int4ernationlly recognized management and leadership training and consulting firm with global headquarters in San Diego, California.


Rick Miller

Founder, Kids at Hope

Rick Miller has spend 34 years educating, advocating, caring for and supporting the futures of all American's youth.

    Rick's professional experience covers a wide range of disciplines including municipal parks and recreation, the YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Arizona State University and Arizona State University West.

    Rick's breadth of understanding about youth development from a research, academic, and practitioner's perspective established his credentials as one of America's most informed and effective spokespersons for children. He is able to translate complicated theory into straightforward and powerful expressions about what is best for youth.

    Rick crosses over all disciplines and is highly sought as a keynote speaker and presenter to academic, recreation, education, youth development, and law enforcement audiences all over the country. His wit, humor and story telling abilities captivate the imagination of his audiences leaving everyone who hears him believing that all children are truly capable of success. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    Rick is a husband, father and grandfather.   

    He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.



From Youth at Risk to Kids at Hope


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The Kids at Hope Friends Visit Miss Debbie's Class

by Rick Miller with help from Gabrielle Antonia Heredia

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by Shillana Sanchez

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