Of Hopes & Dreams:

A Diary

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Of Hopes & Dreams:

A Diary


Written by Courtney Williams

Cover Illustration by Beth Hutchinson

Paperback, 8" x 8", 134  pages

ISBN # 0-9638851-8-9

Usually shipped within 72 hours


Tucson Citizen - September 2, 1997


Inspired teen is a Published Author at 13


Courtney Williams wants to be president someday. "I want to change the world for the better and help make a difference in someone's life" she says. For now at the ripe old age of 13, Courtney will just have to settle for being a published author. Her first book, "Of Hopes & Dreams: A Diary", chronicles six months in the life of 15-year-old Elizabeth Rose Cavendish in the early 1900s. In diary style, Courtney's character Elizabeth writes about life on the isolated strip of Canada's Prince Edward Island. Confiding as if her diary were a dear friend, Elizabeth reveals the details of her life - the mystery of her missing sea-captain father, the death of her mother, the move to the city and search for work, and of course, the romance.

From a teacher. . .

"Courtney William's portrayal of a fifteen year old girl's struggle in the early 1900's is beautifully done. Readers will soon be gently caught up in Elizabeth Rose's heartwarming life as it unfolds in her easy-reading diary."  Karen Hall, Fifth Grade Teacher, Marana School District

Give your child Hopes and Dreams with a book written by one of their own.

About the Author

Courtney Williams

After speaking to a  sixth grade middle school class about writing, Mrs. Garaway was sent a manuscript titled Of Hopes & Dreams: A Diary --written by teenager Courtney Williams. Recognizing Courtney's talent and believing the story worthy of publication, it came off the press at the end of August 1997.

What Students are Saying. . ..

"Of Hopes & Dreams was exciting, sad, happy, and surprising, When you read it you feel like you're there with Elizabeth. Your story was a big hit at my house! Keep up the good work!" Krista Irwin, age 9

"I love your book Of  Hopes and Dreams. I think your book is touching, sad and happy. Entertaining, romantic; all your readers will enjoy, Of hopes and Dreams. 

Allison Irwin, age 9

What They are Saying...

"A modern day adolescent has done a fine job putting her mind and heart into the mind and heart of a girl living in a distant place and past. Williams grapples admirable with universals across time: love, loss, and human values. The Prince Edward Island atmosphere she has created lingers a good while with the reader."    Susan Ferris, Director of Public Affairs, Greenwich Public Library, Greenwich, CT

"A captivating, engrossing tale told in the unique style of a young girl's with emotion with many twists and turns, a story both suspenseful and endearing at the same time.."  Laura Bursuk, Ph.D., Educational Consultant-Reading Specialist, Tucson, Arizona

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