Gorp's Secret

An Empowering Tale in Pumpernickel Park


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Gorp's Secret

An Empowering Tale in Pumpernickel Park


Story by Gorp as told to

Sherri Chessen


Illustrated by

Linda Bronson


36 pages, 10 3/4" x 8 3/4"  

Illustrated. Full Color.


Usually shipped within 48 hours



ISBN # 0-9724249-1-1



Gorp's Secret Teacher's/Counselor’s Guide

This Teacher's Guide is designed to accompany the book, Gorp's Secret.


Gorp's Secret Guide  for Teachers, Counselors, and Parents

by Tracy Atwell, M. Ed.

USD $14.95


  Books that help you and your children deal with sensitive issues!

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Body Privacy . . .

Every Child's Right!


Gorp's Secret

Empower children to stop the cycle of child abuse.

The other kids in Pumpernickel Park can tell something’s wrong with Missy Muffin. Usually smiley and bright, lately she’s sad and tearful, even at school. Her caring teacher sends Missy to the nurse, who takes one look at Missy and remembers another, Pumpkin Pie, whose smiling ceased suddenly one day.

Pages 4-5 from Gorp's Secret

Unfortunately, both were the one out of every four girls and seven boys in the United States who is a victim of sexual abuse.

Pages 18-19 from Gorp's Secret

Though it is a subject difficult for anyone to discuss, Gorp offers kind and caring words that warn children about sexual predators. The motto, “No Touching by Others What My Bathing Suit Covers,” is simple but empowers children to respond if they are approached.

Pages 26-27 from Gorp's Secret

In addition, Gorp’s Secret provides words of comfort to young victims, making certain they understand that what happened is not their fault.

"If you want to have peace in the world, we have to start with the children." Gandhi


Baby Gorp

This incredibly adorable 'beanie' serves as a constant reminder to the children of their pledges to safety....nice for adults, too.



7" tall

Baby Gorp "beanie"


Usually shipped within 48 hours





About the Author Gorp & Sherri Chessen

Gorp was born to be a symbol of all things good and non-violent. He helps children learn lessons like respect and responsibility while being loving, kind, friendly, and fair. When Gorp isn't busy writing, helping others, or on the rainbow, he lives with Sherri Chessen, wherever she may be. Gorp loved when Sherri was a Romper Room teacher on TV, as she always saw him in her Magic Mirror.


Illustrator Linda Bronson has illustrated more than ten books for children, including The Three Funny Friends by Charlotte Zolotow and Moe McTooth by Eileen Spinelli. She lives with her husband  Charlie and daughter Frances in an old farmhouse in upstate Connecticut.


What they are saying about Gorp's Secret...

I've searched for years for material I could use with kids that would be entertaining, but still teach everything they need to know about keeping safe from child abuse. I found it in Gorp's Secret. It's brilliant!"

– Lisa Salo,
MSED Program Coordinator,

First Witness Child Abuse Resource Center,
Duluth, Minnesota


This is the first step to stopping abuse. Education is the key. Many thanks, Gorp and Sherri, for your excellent work.

– Martha Burke,
The Advocates, Hailey, Idaho.


"Gorp's Secret can truly empower children and can help us stop the cycle of child abuse."

– Wilene M. Lampert, Ph.D.,
Executive Director Southern Arizona Children's Advocacy Center


"Gorp's two-fold approach is perfect for a child who needs to heal from hurting; and, it presents a delicate subject in a way that strengthens any child with information and a plan of action to keep them safe. Gorp's Secret can prevent children from being deceived and hurt as well as alleviate the type of pain and guilt that some people close to me have experienced. Keeping children safe from abuse is of utmost importance to me.

Kas Winters,

"Mother of Family Ideas",

Author of family books


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