Gorp's Gift

A story that teaches peace and protects children from violence

AND the Gorp's Gift Teacher's Guide


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New Edition is in

English and Spanish!


Gorp's Gift

A story that teaches peace and protects children from violence


Written by

Sherri Chessen


Illustrated by

Dale Duncan Johnson


30 pages, 10 1/2" x 8 1/2"  

Illustrated. Full Color.


Usually shipped within 48 hours



Hard Cover

ISBN # 0-9642160-0-0


The Gorp's Gift

Teacher's Guide

By Tracy Atwell, M.Ed.

Students are faced with issues and situations that yesterday's generation couldn't have imagined. Who would have believed that everyday social situations children encounter could be life threatening? We now have lessons on self-esteem, cooperation, stranger safety, bike safety, personal safety, drug education, sex education, anger managements and now gun safety. The Teacher's Guide for the Gorp's Gift has specific questions and activities for all grades. Use the Gorps' Gift and the guide to navigate your way through this vital curriculum.


As parents, the Gorp's Gift is an excellent tool for teaching children how to handle themselves if they encounter a gun. (Assume all guns are loaded, don't touch it, tell an adult.) This book and guide will also enable you to open the doors of effective communication with older children. The program will help you to discuss situations and pressures that teenagers encounter as well as stressing to children the important message that problems don't get solved with guns. (It's a permanent answer to a temporary problem.)


The Teacher's Guide for the Gorp's Gift includes the following:

■ Questions for discussion

■ Activities that can be reproduced

■ Journal Activities with suggestions for assessment and celebration.

■ An appendix which includes Graphic Organizers, a Parent Letter, Gorp Bingo and Gorp's Pledge


48 pages, 8 1/2" x 11"  

Soft Cover

Usually shipped within 48 hours

ISBN # 0-9642160-1-9





Protect Children from Violence

The Gorp's Gift helps caregivers open the difficult dialogue on guns with children in a gentle, child-friendly way. Never frightening with no gratuitous violence, this book is geared to empower children to know what to do, and mostly what NOT to do if they encounter a gun.

"Life-saving material done lovingly and kindly!!"

Baby Gorp

This incredibly adorable 'beanie' serves as a constant reminder to the children of their pledges to safety....nice for adults, too.



7" tall

Baby Gorp "beanie"


Usually shipped within 48 hours



Empower children to stop the cycle of child abuse.


"If you want to have peace in the world, we have to start with the children." Gandhi

About the Author Sherri Chessen

From her earliest days in her hometown of Duluth, Minnesota, Sherri Chessen has been a champion of children and their causes. As a child she was involved as a Brownie, a Girl Scout, active in the Community Children's Theatre, and then became a camp counselor. Her interests in children continued into her adult life where she was a teacher on famed TV's Romper Room, a mother of six and a writer of children's books. With most every cause that she has supported or job that she has taken, her efforts have centered on children.

At the University of Wisconsin, a communications major (and one of the first female cheerleaders), she was afforded her first opportunity to work in television. Here she was the floor manager and voice over for several  inanimate object characters on the PBS long running program, 'The Friendly Giant'.


After graduation and marriage, she moved to Phoenix, AZ where she won the role as teacher on TV's Romper Room. Her television career also included a 'magazine of the air' show called 'Here's Sherri' which she hosted daily at the NBC affiliate in Phoenix, AZ. Her career continued with the shows 'Phoenix After Dark' and then the 'Sherri Chessen Show'. Her work garnered her two regional Emmy Awards, one for Best Children's Show and the other for Outstanding Female Personality.

When her first book, Gorp's Gift was published in 1996, Sheila Wellstone, the wife of the late Senator of MN, Paul Wellstone, contacted Sherri Chessen. With their help and that of Mary Lewis Grow, who initiated the project, and then Senator Bill Bradley, they succeeded in securing a unanimous confirmation from the US Senate denoting a day in October as the Day of Concern and Student Pledge Against Gun Violence. This day has been observed with growing involvement every year since its inception. In 2002, nearly 3 million students signed the pledge not to carry guns to school or to solve problems by using weapons. Gorp, the character, story, and his message, has been an integral part of this program.

Now Gorp and his anti-violence teachings are an integral part of Sherri Chessen's life. Gorp's Dream, the newest book in the series, helps to instill in our children a sense of fairness towards others, an understanding of tolerance and diversity, and a positive, loving lesson in how bullying can not only hurt others, but can cause permanent, heartbreaking damage. Gorp is dedicated to helping make our children's world a better one, as is Ms. Chessen.

Books that help you and your children deal with sensitive issues!

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Empower children to stop the cycle of child abuse.

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