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Following Their Westward Star


By F. Ruth Jordan

in collaboration with

Becky Tognoni Boudway


Foreword by Marshall Trimble

Official Arizona State Historian


Featuring paintings by

Helen Jordan


Paperback,  186 pages,

8 1/4" x 10 7/8", Perfect Bound


ISBN# 0-9771096-0-7

Usually shipped within 72 hours

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F. Ruth Jordan

is available for Lectures and Programs on:


Life in Early Arizona/Sedona

Sedona, Verde Valley
Living Among Hopis & Navajos

Navajo, Hopi, Apache
Native American Crafts

Jewelry, Basketry,



Affiliated with:
First Families of Arizona
Phoenix History Museum
Sedona Historical Museum
Camp Verde Historical Museum
Jordan Family Inc.
West Valley Author’s Association
Sun City West Business & Professional Association
Rio Institute for Senior Education

Following Their

Westward Star

An Oral History, Photos and Paintings
of Arizona’s Verde Valley
And Sedona’s Red Rock Country

Find out what life was like for those who traveled westward in wagons over dusty, muddy trails. Learn of the joys and hardships of living on the Arizona frontier and of the struggles, failures and successes of the farmers, miners and cowboys who settled there. These "old-timers" told their tales in diaries, journals and even in later tape recordings, the contents of which are shared in the fascinating book Following Their Westward Star.

Become a part of the frontier era as you read this story.

These are stories of those men and women who dared to travel west into hostile and unknown territory. They were people of spirit and determination who triumphed over hardship and tragedy, giving the west a reputation of strength, bravery, independence and persistence. They took a gamble that life in the new locale would be better, so they left all behind and started Following Their Westward Star.

Following their Westward Star will take you back into Arizona’s rich and varied past where history comes alive again trough tales told by “old-timers” and offers you a realistic and exciting look into the early days of Arizona.

History Comes Alive!

An exciting and colorful book of early days in Arizona

Hardships of Wagon Trail Life
Apaches and Fort Verde
Sedona Back Then
Miner’s and farmer’s Conflict
Cowboys and Cattle Rustling of Arizona’s Verde Valley
And Sedona’s Red Rock Country

Step into Arizona's rich and varied past as F. Ruth Jordan's book personalizes the frontier era through tales told by "old timers".


What they are saying . . .

"Without books like Following Their Westward Star, much of Arizona's rich and colorful history would be lost forever with the passing of these pioneers and settlers." Marshall Trimble
Official Arizona State Historian

"I have read your book cover to cover. It makes my journey west all the more anticipated...You can be very proud of what you have memorialized for your family and the early history of Arizona."
Jim Schmitt
Retired executive and manager of the Standard Register Printing plant in York PA

"Ruth has met the first obligation to readers-to be clear and coherent as she leads them down the adventurous road of Sedona history. She has moved from one sentence to the next with clarity, blending them into a whole delightful story."

Dorothy A. Shaffer, Ph.D

Author of several books including : Sound of Speech, Nonverbal Communications, From Bedroom to Boardroom

About the Author

F. Ruth Jordan


F. Ruth Jordan (Jackson/Van Epps) was born and raised on a farm in Sedona, Arizona. As an adult she lived and worked among the Navajo and Hopi for a number of years. Of this experience she says her “understanding and knowledge of the southwest and its people increased many fold. I cherish my lifetime friendships that originated during those years.” She began collecting the stories told by her father and other “old timers” over a course of about five years after husband, a missionary among the Yavapai, Apache, and Navajo, died of cancer. After returning to Arizona State University to earn her masters’ degrees in education and counseling, she began teaching college courses in Arizona history and conducting historical tours of the State. She started Following Their Westward Star in 1992, as a memorial to her father and to her beloved aunt, Helen Jordan, whose paintings illustrate the book.

Becky Tognoni Boudway

Becky Tognoni Boudway was chosen to organize and present the stories of these pioneers after Helen Jordan read the author’s first book, Treasure in the Dust. In it, the author wove the stories of her father’s mining family into a history of the mining laws in the United States. For years she worked as a legal assistant in her father’s mineral law practice. Her own talents, education, and interests, however, followed her artist mother. Helen Jordan found a kindred spirit in the author and introduced Boudway to niece, F. Ruth Jordan; thus was born the collaboration which is Following Their Westward Star.


What they are  saying... cont'd


"We loved your book!! It's very readable and you accomplished a great feat for non-fiction....Such a wonderful legacy."
Donna H. B. Smith
(Wyoming's Erma Brombeck) author of ETC Firsthand Observations and Offhand Opinions, (A compilations of columns she wrote and published in Wyoming Tribune-Eagle's Sunday editions for 8 years) FEATHER A fanciful story regarding life for children

"I have enjoyed reading it (your book) and dearly appreciate the 'labor of love' you gave it . . . I will treasure its history. Your notes on gramma and grandpa (Schnebly) are greatly appreciated!"
Paula Schnebly Hokanson
(granddaughter of Sedona Schnebly, Sedona's namesake)


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