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Dolphins Dancing

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Dreams of Dolphins Dancing

Written and Illustrated by

Joan Bourque


For  all ages and especially recommended for children 7-10


32  pages, 8 3/4" x 11 1/4"

Full color illustrations throughout

Hardcover,  printed on recycled paper

ISBN # 0-9654327-0-0



Activity Pack

This workbook to accompany Dreams of Dolphins Dancing include activities related to Science, Environmental Action, Social Studies, Geography and Vocabulary, Interconnectedness, Communications and Recycling ideas. 8 Pages


Usually shipped within 72 hours

Wall Murals

by Joan Bourque

Joan Bourque is well know for the wall murals she paints in schools and other locations where children are present. For example of some of her murals, look below. To contact Joan for painting a mural, call Kas Winters at


or e-mail Kas at:


This is a "must have" book for every child's library. Order yours today.


Dreams of Dolphins Dancing

A Child's Remarkable Ocean Adventure 

In this wonderfully illustrated children's book is a wildlife adventure story where a young girl's ocean experience reveals intricate balances within nature. Real life watercolor illustrations and stories of reef creatures and habitats lead the way for readers to understand the importance of caring for our planet's future. Characters include dolphins and inhabitants of island cultures who impart ideas of individual participation in the web of life. A companion educational workbook is available for learning and promotion of discussion within the classroom and family. The book comes with a coupon to donate $1 of the purchase price to a dolphin protection organization.

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Web of Life




Joan Bourque is available for awesome classroom presentations.

Contact Kas Winters at 602-789-9240

or e-mail Kas at: for information.

Joan Bourque is one of the featured


in Eileen Birin's book,

Go Ahead. Self Publish.


About the Author

JoanBourque.JPG (61028 bytes)

Joan Bourque, author and illustrator of Dreams of Dolphins Dancing, is an accomplished artist who received her Fine Arts Degree at Ohio Weslayan. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City where she worked as an artist for six years. Her work was shown in galleries throughout Soho.


She went to Saba for scuba diving lessons and quickly fell in love with the island. She befriended the children on this island of 1000 inhabitants, taught art in the schools and began painting in watercolors.

On a trip to Lighthouse Reef, the farthest atoll of Belize in Central American, she dove with a lone wild dolphin who frequented the lagoon waters near the resort. She returned a year later to volunteer her time with a dolphin research project.

Joan became aware of the tragic mass endangerment of so many ocean animals and was inspired to write Dreams of Dolphins Dancing. Her goal is to bring awareness and love for nature through exciting adventures of young people and to encourage young people to discover their own personal way of understanding the environment, thus serving their own future.

North American Bookdealers Exchange

Best Children's Book of the Year 1996

What They are Saying...

"Rarely does a book come along that has the potential to inspire children on as many levels as does Dream of Dolphins Dancing. Environmentally correct, vividly descriptive narrative stimulates curiosity and promotes an early love of sea life. Professionally painted, full page illustrations celebrate the undersea world in visual explosions that call to children's senses and awaken emerging imaginations and fantasies.

But it is the gentle flow of the tale itself , that piques children's interests while sending a strong emotional message that calls each child to personal environmental action.

This very special book is sure to tug at heart strings of young and old alike as it empowers the human spirit to dare to believe that maybe, just maybe one very small person really can make a difference. To share this book with your family is to embark on an adventure that might just change your life"   

Lisa Feeney, MSEdu, mother, scuba diver, teacher

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