COMBAT CANCER with help from this author who is a five-time survivor!


A Warrior's Tale

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Combating Cancer

A Warrior's Tale

With the Medicine of Faith, Attitude & Humor


By Bo Blankenship


Soft Cover, 143 pages, 6" x 9"

Perfect Bound



Your Personal Journal to accompany your Journey

Combating Cancer

A Warrior's Tale

Personal Journal


By Bo Blankenship


Soft Cover, 96 pages, 6" x 9"

Perfect Bound



Receive a FREE bookmark with Bo's "Daily Five" with each order.

combating Cancer

A Warrior's Tale

Bo Blankenship, a five-time cancer survivor, shares his story and uses his humorous side to show you how you can also overcome this terrible disease.

His story will inspire you, uphold you in tough times and keep you laughing in the middle of all of it.

This is a humorous and powerful book about healing, about faith and about perseverance.


Discover how YOU can also Combat Cancer with the Medicine of Faith, Attitude & Humor

Bo's Combating Cancer PERSONAL JOURNAL is a tool to help warriors overcome obstacles, one day at a time.

It gives you an opportunity to write down your stories daily so that one day you can look back at them and remember things that you went through, some good, some bad.

We should always tell our life stories because it is our life stories that make a difference in someone else's life.

You may not be as famous as George Washington or others, but to your family, you are, and it is in these stories that you will live and be remembered forever.

Order your copies of BOTH books  today.

Combating Cancer AND the Personal Journal

$20.00 for the SET of 2 PLUS SHIPPING

About the Author

Bo Blankenship


I wrote this book for warriors and it is dedicated to fighters and survivors. I am a five-time cancer survivor, and I do not use the word survivor too loosely, however, it does bring great insight into why I actually wrote this book. The mere connotation of the word survivor inspires the underdog, guides the lost and spurs the soul itself. Despite the battles we choose to fight, we are all survivors, whether we win or lose. An unwavering belief and trust in God has enabled me to both fight and accept but ultimately survive.


I wrote this book for other cancer patients and their supporters. It has absolutely been my joy to write this book and it is my hope that those that read it will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.


One of my greatest hopes is that when you purchase this book, you'll reader it from cover to cover so you will understand the awesome power of God.



What they are saying about Combating Cancer . . .


"I thought that I learned everything about cancer during my long days and nights in medical school and during my residence and fellowship, but I was wrong. You taught me something new that's not in books or medical stories. It is how to reach down inside for the strength and the will so you can get back up on your feet. You are, and always will be a survivor. You will conquer anything that dares to cross your path."

Dr. Elias Kiwan,

UAMS Oncology Department



"My friend, Bo Blankenship, whom I've know personally and professionally, as a trainer, motivator, and public speaker, has cut through the tangled web of disease with his razor sharp sword and survived his battle against cancer, once again! Bo's compelling story of courage, and his positive attitude will bring hope and understanding to anyone struggling against this terrible disease. "

Carolyn Jameson


"Bo's journey is nothing less than miraculous. Bo gives us all hope that the battle with cancer can be fought and won. His stories will make you laugh, make you cry, and leave an everlasting impact on you. A must read for cancer warriors and family and friends of those warriors!"

Peggy Marchall, Ph.D.

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