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Our Beautiful Bodies


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This book is now out-of-print. It is no longer available but we still have some copies of the audio and video recordings available.


Babies' Simple Pleasures

Our Beautiful Bodies

Parent Guidebook

Written by

KellyAnn Bonnell, M.A., Jan Riddle and Meghan Ritchie

Babies' Simple Pleasures is about LOVE --helping children live happier, more well-balanced lives. This Parent Guidebook was created for those who are seeking more ways to share the Simple Pleasures in in life with their little ones, 6 to 36 months. Simple Pleasures include spending quality time loving and laughing, sharing and learning together.

This easy-to-understand resource was designed to be beneficial for adults and children. It provides age-appropriate education and fun activities for parents, caregivers and children to do together. In addition to teaching little ones about their five senses and Our Beautiful Bodies, this learning resource helps:

Develop children's motor skills.

● Enhance children's intelligence and overall cognitive skills.

● Build a healthy sense of self in little ones early on

● Spread the importance of loving unconditionally

● Improve and sharpen your parenting style.



Babies' Simple Pleasures 

Audio CD


Consists of original sing-along tunes, whimsical songs and beautiful lullabies for infants and pre-school children


This CD was crafted in harmony with The Caroo Puppet and Babies' Simple Pleasures video, and parent guidebook. The CD encourages children and parents to 'put the good inside' with the 15 original songs, which tell stories about the world of little ones, 6 months to 5 years. They learn about themselves, animals and many other fun things in an educational and whimsical fashion. Some songs are catchy sing-a-long white other are beautiful lullabies.


Babies' Simple Pleasures



With 15 Original Fun and Interactive Songs for Little Ones




Babies' Simple Pleasures

 Video (VHS)


Our Beautiful Bodies teaches infants and toddlers about their bodies and five senses and to value themselves early on. Starring The Caroo Puppet, this musically fun video features adorable children - singletons, twins and triplets. The delightful theme to always "put the good inside" is loved by children and parents alike.

The video features:

● Happy original songs

● Colorful graphics and playful sounds

● Adorable miniature animals

● Darling twins and triplets

● Bonus ending: infant massage & baby exercises


Babies' Simple Pleasures





"As a pediatrician and mother, I appreciate the value this Guidebook brings to a baby's development as well as adding creative and fun activities to playtime. I highly recommend this Guidebook for parents."

Dr. Christine Ibrahim, Pediatrician

"This book is full of creative play ideas that help babies develop a positive self-image while enhancing the parenting experience as well. A must-have for parents!"

Tracy Masonis, Author/Gifted and Talented Teacher

"Babies' Simple Pleasures Guidebooks 'put the good inside' curriculum, provides educators and parents with the tools they need to help teach children self-worth. If is based upon a great deal of research, experience and practical advice."

Tracy Lyn Moland, Author "Mom Management"- Managing Mom Before Everybody Else Does."



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