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the educated chiropractic caterpillar


Story by Phyllis Karrow-Trella


Illustrations by

by Stephan Fisher

A book to help children understand what a chiropractor does to heal people

Soft Cover, saddle-stitched

16 pages, 8.25" x 6.25"

Usually shipped in 48 hours



Aska bookworm finger puppet


USD $12.00


"The wonderment of children as they grow and try to figure out the world and how it works shines through this delightful book by Phyllis Karow-Trella. As a pediatrician, I have tried to encourage parents to allow their children free thoughts and movement no matter where it may lead them. Creativity is the key word here.

We need to let the expressions of love, fear, wonder, and awe come out of their minds so they can see that their feelings help them cope with the big and sometimes scary world. Phyllis does this with her poetry. The child can relate to these poems. It is easy and fun.

This poetry is for adults, too. It will allow some buried feelings and thoughts come to the surface so that parents, especially, can relate to what is going on in the minds of their children. Karow-Trella has put children's thoughts into words and the results are simple and beautiful."   

Dr. Lendon-Smith, Pediatrician

and Best Selling Author

A Chiropractic Book for KIDS!

Create a comfort zone by teaching children the basic concepts of Chiropractic care.

Entertain children while they wait in your office

Create goodwill with families by passing books out to children

Put books into the hands of your audience when you present information about Chiropractic care.

Other books by

Grandma Giggles


A Chiropractor . . .

What's a Chiropractor?

by Phyllis Karow-Trella

Chiropractic children's story

USD $16.00


Poetry from child's point of view--by "Grandma Giggles"

 We dare you not to laugh!

by Phyllis Karow-Trella

USD $18.00


About the Author

Grandma Giggles

Phyllis Karow-Trella

Phyllis Karow-Trella, named "Grandma Giggles" by a school child, is an award winning poet and author of children's books. "They Say We're Different. . . " won the National Library of Poetry's Editor's Choice Award.

Phyllis is the mother of four, grandmother of sixteen, great-grandmother of several and has been foster parent to six. She has worked with children's groups in churches, schools and communities for over 30 years. It is her first-hand involvement with children that has enabled her to glean experiences and insights into their world from their point of view.

Karow-Trella is also an accomplished artist with her work being sold in art galleries and juried art shows. Her deep love for life, children, all of creation, and Mother Earth is the inspiration and motivation for her work.

What they are saying...

"Phyllis has a gift for inspiring children to use their imaginations to create poems and stretching their creative abilities."

 Joan Bourque, Coordinator of The Book Project, funded by the Arizona Arts and Humanities.


"Grandma Giggles does an incredible job of demonstrating how to take everyday events and turn them into fun and interesting poetry..."

Diane Frazier, third grade teacher at Cottonwood Elementary School


"Your poems had the children and their teachers laughing the whole time, and the children are still trying to say your tongue twister. . . It is a treasury of fun for both adult readers as well as children."

MaryBeth Yennie, Library Media Specialist

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