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Books for Women and Teens




I Have but One Heart

by Anna Marie Burk

225 pages

USD $14.95.

The Tender Heart

by Anna Marie Burk

70 pages

USD $7.95

Ordinary Guy

by Anna Marie Burk

450 pages

USD $16.95.

Science Fiction


Distant Planet

by Anna Marie Burk

627 pages

USD $17.95

This Moment in Time

by Anna Marie Burk

361 pages

USD $15.95.

After All This Time

A Sequel to

This Moment in Time

by Anna Marie Burk

206 pages

USD $14.95.

Books for Middle Readers and Teens



Modern Fairy Tales

Grace and the Magical Birds

A Magical Journey for Middle School Readers

by Anna Marie Burk

154 pages


USD $10.95

Grace and the Magical Birds: Elvira's Revenge

Volume 2

of the Magical Birds Series

A "Fairy Tale" suitable for Middle School Readers

by Anna Marie Burk

155 pages

USD $10.95

Grace and the Magical Birds: Beyond Zoon

Volume 3

of the Magical Birds Series

by Anna Marie Burk

135 pages

USD $10.95

Grace and the Magical Birds: The Emu

Volume 4

of the Magical Birds Series

by Anna Marie Burk

144 pages

USD $10.95



Escape from the Ice

by Anna Marie Burk

121 pages

USD $10.95


Anna Marie Burk is one of the most prolific writers on our Everything Family site and we think her books are fabulous! She excels in a variety of genres, has an amazing imagination for a good story line, a great handle on details, and makes reading a definite pleasure.

Kas Winters

About the Author

Anna Marie Burk

Anna Marie moved to Arizona with her family when she was eight years old.   

“I’d seen only concrete in New York City, so I was fascinated with our big backyard of Arizona dirt.  I sat out there and made mud pies for hours, letting them bake in the hot desert sun.  I didn’t eat any of my beautiful pies but must confess I did try to tempt my little brother into taking a bite.  He was only five, but he knew better than to listen to anything I said.”

“We didn’t have a lot of money for toys or games, so we learned to use our imaginations.  Our neighbor worked for a company that manufactured evaporative coolers, and he brought home large, discarded but clean cardboard boxes.  Pencils and crayons soon changed these simple boxes into vessels that transported us to lands where dreams become real. 

“Now I use my imagination, honed years ago, to write fairytales for children, and fantasy, romance, science fiction for upper teens and adults.”


The Pawnshop Computer

by Anna Marie Burk

127 pages

USD $8.50


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